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About Coalcity Social Club

The genesis of our great club, Coalcity Social Club, Inc. started in 2003 when few pioneering members of the Club with nostalgic ties to Enugu- , met in Dallas, Texas . Each occasion they meet, they remember with special interest their days in Enugu . They then agreed to form an association of all the people who once in their life lived or still maintains a second home in Enugu .

Right from the inception, it was unanimously agreed that membership to the Club will be limited to those individuals born and or raised in the city of Enugu and its immediate surroundings regardless of their race, gender, tribe, political or religious affiliations. Initially the Club started with (80) members. The Cub was inaugurated in April 2004 with about 180 members.

  • To uphold truth and integrity.
  • Promote unity among members.
  • Assist members in times of need.
  • To foster kinship and friendship among all CSC members in particular and all other people in general.
  • To build strong family ties and to encourage a high level of moral conduct and traditional family values.
  • Patronize and encourage one another in all honest endeavors and thus buttress the development of a strong CSC economic unit and promote peace and understanding among all members.
  • The objectives of the Club are to create a veritable forum for social interactions of its members.
  • The Club believes that by working together and through the social interactions of its members, it will achieve greater love and unity of the members as evidenced in our slogan – ONE for ALL and ALL for ONE in good times and in bad times.
  • Another cardinal goal of the Club is to bring together all the people who have roots from Enugu but presently reside in other Cities or States within North America; with Coalcity Social Club, Inc. Dallas, TX as the National headquarter.
Membership in CSC, INC- shall be open to only those individuals born, raised, educated, worked in Enugu and contiguous Cities that now reside in Dallas/Forth worth Metroplex and other Cities and States in North America.